reload technology

What is Reload?

Reload is a new technolgy magazing that includes tips facts and easily ways to step up broadbnad networks! Full of structered tech talk your never be confused again!

Where can you buy this magazine?

Reload is avalible in any technology shop and standered supermarkets.

the lastest magazine is Issue 12 is out now for £3.99,however you can buy issue's 1-11 in any of the shops mentioned above or order them online at reloads official online website.

Google Glass How-to: Getting Started


Every issue has a new feautre or main topic every time such as; Issue 12's main feautre is 'How To Set Up A BroadBand Network' but then Issue 13's main feature will be 'How To Set Up A New PC'

Every Issue will always have a written guide set by step and pictures attached. This is so visal learners can easy follow,however we also include a Audio Section for those listening learners.So our magazine's set by step can suits everybodys abilitys and likes.


Once all 32 Issue's have been released we will start a Documentery Series on all of the magazine's main features and new main feautre's that havent been included in the 32 issue's.

"When will I be able to buy the next Issue's"

That's a very important question.

Every new Issue will be avalible to buy on the 14th of every month!