Promotion Smore

Matt Gallini

Premium Item Give-Aways

A unique item being given away for free to promote an item or company. Sports teams sometimes give away bobble heads to promote their team.


Companies use contests to have consumers compete for something which will in some way promote the company at the same time. An example of this is the specially marked bottles that will reward the consumer for buying it with a prize.


Sweepstakes are a promotional drawing that fans randomly receive rewards for no charge. An example is people entering the contest could earn tickets to a game.


A sampling is receiving a small amount of a product to get the consumer to like the product. An example would be a stand giving away energy chews to make the consumer like them

Point of Purchase Displays

At the checkout counters there could be signs promoting sports teams or products that could make the consumer wanna buy them because of the signs. An example is gatorade having signs at the dicks check out.

Special Events

An event presented to a limited audience for a certain period of time designed to promote a product in a more fun way. An example of this is a homecoming carnival promoting the football team.


The dispersal of coupons that will make consumers want to buy the product because of how much they will save. An example of this is a buy one get one free soda.
Basic Elements of a Promotional Video / SALT