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Cheetahs live in the African and Asian deserts, which is a very hot environment (Bix). They live in a desertous and grasslands area. Cheetahs are usually active during the early morning and at dusk to hunt for prey (Bix). They usually live in groups of 2 to 4 cheetahs, a mother and her cubs (CHEETAH).


The cheetah uses its four powerful legs to reach a top speed 112 kph. The cheetah runs after its prey with a amazing speed and pounces on it (Bix).
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Body Covering

Cheetahs are covered with fur that has dark spots all over it. The cheetah's colors consist of yellow fur and black spots (Bix).
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The cheetah's diet consists of gazelles, hares, young wildebeest, warthogs and birds (Bradford). Cheetahs are usually active during the early morning and at dusk to hunt for prey. When their prey is killed, they hide the animal to avoid it being taken away by other carnivores (Bradford). The cheetah has to move fast to get food in time and get it back to their cubs before the cubs are eaten by other predators (Bradford).
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Cheetahs reproduce sexually using internal fertilization. They give birth to about three to five live young (CHEETAH). Cheetah cubs usually stay with their mother for one and a half to two years (National Geographic). While the cubs stay with their mother, they learn some basic survival skills, such as hunting and eating (CHEETAH). On average, about 90% percent of cubs die before becoming adults (Bradford).
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Cheetahs have to get oxygen quickly, so they have large nasal passages and big lungs to get air quickly when running (Bix). Cheetahs also have spotted fur to help them blend in with the grassy and sandy ground. Cheetahs also have hip bones that pivot to help the cheetah have wider strides (Bix).

Other Info

  • Weight 65kg (Bix)
  • Cheetahs do not roar instead they chirp (Bix)
  • 3.5-4.5 feet (Bradford)
  • Lifespan is 10 to 12 years (Cheetah)
  • Cheetahs have paws similar to a dogs (CHEETAH)

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