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Weekly Newsletter-February 2018, Volume 15

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As many of you may already know, our district was scheduled for an AdvancED on-site accreditation review next fall. Well…. the WDE has discontinued the contract with AdvancED and will now be conducting the accreditation reviews themselves. Although the process is not yet complete (including whether we are still going to be reviewed next year), we think it is important to share with you what the WDE is considering.

The good news is that much of the work we have been doing on collaborative curriculum development and common assessment development is directly in line with what the WDE will be looking for. As we anticipated, the accreditation criteria follow the High Reliability Schools framework for levels one through three. Jan Hoegh from Marzano Research Labs is even one of the evaluators. Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions.


Through annual assurances reviews, and an onsite external review by the Department, districts and schools will be accredited. The major focus of the proposed accreditation process is compliance with state statutes and an onsite review of the District Assessment System.

Districts will complete annual assurances and an Evidence Matrix put together by Bill Pannell. These documents will be submitted to the Department by November 1 of each year. Once every five years, districts will host an onsite review by the Department. During the onsite review, the Department will “.... conduct a review of each school district’s assessment system to ensure alignment with the uniform state education standards promulgated by the state board, and to ensure district adherence to the uniform graduation standards prescribed by the state board under W.S. 21-2-304 (a) (iii)1.”

Jan Hoegh with Marzano Research, Shelly Andrews and Bill Pannell with the Department of Education, and up to three members of the District Assessment System Steering Committee will serve as the DAS onsite review team. This onsite review will focus on the following three indicators and accompanying questions:

1. Alignment of assessments to the Wyoming Content and Performance Standards.

  • What process is in place to ensure assessments align to standards both in terms of content and cognitive complexity?
  • Has the district included a process for unpacking standards? If so, what process was used? If not what was the reasoning?
  • Have the essential elements within each content area been identified? If so, what process was used? If not what was the reasoning?
  • Has the amount of time needed to adequately address the essential elements of the content taught been examined? If so, what process was used? If not what was the reasoning?
  • Has professional development been provided regarding alignment of assessments to standards? What type of training was provided?

2. Development of quality assessments and uniform administration across the district.

  • What process is used for developing quality classroom assessments?
  • How does the process address fairness and consistency of assessments?
  • What process is used for determining success criteria and/or levels of mastery for classroom assessments?
  • Are students provided multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery of essential elements? How are they provided opportunities?
  • Are protocols in place for assessment administration?

3. Analysis of data for monitoring student progress on the Wyoming Content and Performance Standards.

  • What data are you gathering with the DAS and how are you using it?
  • Are assessment data analyzed regularly? When does this happen?
  • Do you report on and use the results from multiple assessments to analyze student progress toward mastery of the standards?
  • Is growth data for each student available and regularly reviewed to track student achievement?
  • Are there regular data review meetings among teachers and instructional teams? If so, what does this look like?
  • How do your teachers and instructional teams utilize data to address successes and areas needing attention?
  • Do outcomes on your district assessments align to the progress documented on content and performance standards through formative classroom assessments?
  • How does the measure of student performance on the DAS factor into course completion and graduation decisions?

The onsite team will prepare a formal, written report to the districts. Levels of Accreditation Through the accreditation process, the Department will evaluate and accredit Wyoming districts and schools based on adherence to statutes and the Wyoming Accountability Framework. The following levels of accreditation are in discussion with the State Board:

● Accredited

● Accredited with Follow-up

● Accredited with Support

● Non-accredited

The State Board may lower the annual accreditation status for an individual school based on WAEA school performance.


In addition to the District Assessment Review, Chapter 6 Rules will be self-assessed and reported by districts. Bill Pannell and the Department’s Accreditation team is putting together a set of rubrics and evidence matrices to guide districts in the new accreditation processes.

But What About AdvancED?

As most members are aware, the Department will no longer fund the costs associated with AdvancED. Districts, if they choose to stay with AdvancED, will be responsible for annual membership fees ($900 per school). The Department intends to create a rotating grant (up to $10,000) that districts can apply for once every five years that could be used to cover the cost of the AdvancED External Review.

The Department is working on procedures to allow districts to write this grant to fund other review options as well that would better align to district goals.

Stay Tuned!


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If you have friends or family that would be interested working as a substitute teacher, substitute custodian, or a substitute in food service we'd like to invite them to contact Kristine in the Human Resources office at extension 1023 or stop by. We appreciate you getting the word out!
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