Bakersfield Times

By: Tyler H.

Interview with Jenna Fox

1)Why did you throw the hard drives of Kara and Locke in the pond?

Jenna: I did it because I wanted Kara and Locke to be free, and not to let them live forever.

2)Would you change anything you did as a teenager? If so, why?

Jenna: I would change the way I talked to my mom because it was mean to talk to people that way.

3)Why did you do what you did when you gave the keys over to Kara when you were driving to the party?

Jenna: I knew that if I didn't then I would be a party-pooper and then they may not like me anymore.

4)What did you feel like when you found out that you were almost completely artificial?

Jenna: I felt that I was cheated, and I felt a feeling of hatred to my parents.

5)How do you feel about being mostly artificial?

Jenna: It makes me feel sort of reassured that if I get into another accident then I can just get more body parts. It also makes me feel strange and not there.

6)Do you like having friends?

Jenna: Absolutely! They help me with stuff and they talk to me and have fun with me.

7)What do you like about school?

Jenna: For me it is a time to socialize because I had already had the knowledge.

8)How do you feel about Ethan?

Jenna: I think that he is a nice and kind person. I love him also.

9)Why do you think your parents are connivers?

Jenna: because they didn't say anything about me artificial.

10)What was your favorite part of childhood?

Jenna: It was that I could get away with stuff easier.

Obituaries: Locke

Locke was a teenage boy with a strong relationship with Kara and Jenna Fox. He enjoyed being with them and going to parties. He died in a car accident with Kara and Jenna. Nobody knows how the accident occurred or how it happened. Locke's family loved him and adored him. these are sad times for Locke's family.

National news

The FSEB has changed it's restraints on what it means to be Human. They used to have a percent. Now, To be human you must be born and then have any artificial stuff that you need to have in you. If you don't need it you will be fined with $1,000,000. After 134 years of living you will be put to death. If you resist you will be fined with $100,000.


The weather will be overcast with a 10% chance of rain. The wind will also be very hard at 26 mph with 40 mph gusts.