Ms. Lenihan's Update

Week 6 and 7

October is FLYING by!!

Wow I can't believe it's October, and the leaves are starting to change and fall off their trees. As the days get shorter and shorter, we have been busy here at work inside classroom 26. I encourage you to challenge your child now at home, ask them to log in to Phoenix by themselves so that they start managing their own school work and grades. If they do not know how to do this I can show them in class. We are almost to the end of the 1st quarter which means the first report card for 5th grade will be coming home!!

Upcoming in the Classroom

In MATH we finished our Perimeter and Area unit and began our Variables unit. There are many resources for this unit on the RLC Website-5th Grade-Web Links. The test for this unit is next Wednesday, October 19th. Once we finished Variables, we will move on to Patterns on Thursday.

*Please note, as we move through these units rather quickly I highly encourage students to master the content with 100% accuracy. Therefore, re-takes are available and I ask that you discuss with your child if they have been using the re-take opportunities. I have been sending home half-sheets of paper that you as the parent must sign in order for a student to complete a re-take. Please let me know if you have no gotten one, but see that your child still have a failing grade on an assessment.

In SCIENCE we are continued our Changing Earth Unit and worked more with:

1. Classification of rocks, specifically: Metamorphic, Igneous, and Sedimentary Rocks

2. The Rock Cycle

3. Fossils

4. Layers of the Earth

Next Week:

5. Layers of the Earth

6. Plate Tectonics

7. Earthquakes

8. Volcanos

Your child can look all of these topics up on our "Discovery" Online Techbook found on their LCPSGO homepage. There are videos, games, interactives and more!

In READING we finished our Building a Reader's Life unit and have been working on two different but smaller units: Figurative Language and Word Resources (Dictionary skills, thesaurus, etc.). Next week we will be starting our....NONFICTION UNIT!!

In Word Study we had Sort #4 and will be starting Sort #5 next week. Please make sure your child is doing 1 activity (Monday-Thursday) and studying for the tests which are always on Fridays.


1. Next week we will be having an Earthquake drill on Thursday, October 20th. Please advise your child about the safety of these drills!

2. Phoenix Parent Night is also Thursday, October 20th from 6:30-7:30 for how to use ParentVue.

3. We need glue sticks!! If your child has any extra can you bring some in?

4. Bus appreciation week is next week, if your child rides the bus please ask them to thank their bus driver :)

5. Future Phoenix Night is Friday October 21st at 5:45pm.