Look What's Happening in Year Six!

23rd April 2015


Year Six Exhibition has officially started! The students have been busy collaboratively planning, formulating questions, investigating and reflecting on their learning. The energy levels are high and the excitement is through the roof. It is great to see so many enthusiastic students working together across the Arts and within classrooms to support one another with their inquiries. Please take a moment to check in with your child about their journey so far. You could start by asking your child to share the big questions that are going to be driving their inquiry.


Our Math focus for the beginning of this term is data handling. The students will be inquiring into the Central Idea: Data can be presented effectively for valid interpretation and communication.

Throughout this unit students will be exploring methods for collecting, organising and interpreting data, as well as learning how to use range, mode, median and mean to analyse statistical data. They will also inquire into the theory and practical application of probability.

Stay Tuned...

We look forward to keeping you posted on the Year Six Happenings this term.

Coming up...

Labour Day - May 1st

Student Led Conference - May 7th and 8th

Have a great week!