Build this army up strong !

By:Brooke kittrell

Some facts !

August 1914 , War War 1 began. The government was expecting at least 100,000 men

to join the fight, but they received 750,000 volunteers in just one month.

Propaganda was the blame for the success in drafting men to go to war. Men had to leave

their homes, wives, and children just to join the war. These men had to register stating all

their information.

Second draft of World War I draft numbers is drawn by United States Secretary of ...HD Stock Footage

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My opinion on Drafting in ww1

I think that drafting in WW1 wasn't a bad thing. The government was just

just trying to support America the best that they could. The men that were drafted

volunteered willingly, they new of the risks, and that may not come back. They believed

they hand to job to do, in protecting the country. They thought that being in the war

war something to be proud of and the people back home honored them for the work.

Women and children were with out a father figure in the home and times were harder.

They set up bonds and food rations just to help out as well as the propaganda posters all

around encouraging the men to go and fight for their country.