Lewis & Clark Journal

January 13, 1804

First Day of our Expedition

Dear Journal,

Lewis and I are very excited about this opportunity given to us by Thomas Jefferson. We are honored to be a part of the men that lead this journey. There are 35 men traveling with us on this journey. We are expecting danger, harsh weather, and unexpected plants and animals. On this exploration we will be documenting our path, create new maps, drawing photographs and describing various plants and animals. We are also unaware of the people we may encounter. We hope our expedition brings faith, excitement, and curiousity to those who are hopeful in moving to the West.


Meriwether Lewis

Day 2

Dear Journal,

We have begun our journey! We are very tired, but still very anxious to explore the Louisiana Purchase. We are still trying to remain in touch with Mr. Jefferson, but it will become harder and harder as we continue our journey. Clark and I are praying that disease and sickness will hold off for awhile as our men become exhausted. Our dog, Seaman, is keeping us company on our journey. We don't know what we would do without him!

Lewis & Clark- Great Journey West National Geographic HD