Formative Assessment

Made easy with technology - Ideas and direction sheets

What is Formative Assessment?

A wide variety of methods used to evaluate student comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress during a lesson, unit, or course continuously. It can be used for lesson adjustments or individualized learning.


  • Check as you present, using interactive presentations, pushed to each student device. Add questions, surveys, drawings... where you are able to see student responses individually or as a group summary.
  • You get a summary of responses and can even send the students the presentation with their answers embedded directly within it.
  • This works directly with Google, so Slides or powerpoints can be pulled from your Google Drive and students login with their school Google account.
  • There is a free and paid version ($99).
  • You must have a school Google account

Nearpod is very similar in options and cost.

  • Nearpod offers the ability to assign the presentation as homework and does not need to be done synchronously with all students.