Come to Minnesota!

By: Natalie Tustison

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Come to MN

One reason to come to MN is to escape from the war, problems, and anything that was difficult in the place you are/were living in. Another reason to come here is because MN is very large, it has lots of resources, people that live here are strong, courageous, good, and always succeed. MN also has lots of open farming land. Those were reasons to come to MN by Theodore Bost and Guri Sanders-Datter.

Some resources...

Some primary sources to help you learn more about Minnesota are:

~ David Humphrey's letter to friends

~ Fredrich Schmitz's letter to his parents

~ Theodore Bost's letter to his parents

~ Duri Sanders-Datter's letter to friends

~ The " Ho! For the West! " guidebook

~ The " Minnesota and its Resources " guidebook

~ The " Minnesota! Cure for the panic " advertisement

~ The " Emigration up the Mississippi River " advertisement

Minnesota Summary:

Minnesota is a land full of wonders. Here are some highlights of Minnesota:

Minnesota has lots of water and resources.

Minnesota's climate is just right and wonderful.

The town of St. Anthony is full of neat white houses. The town is filling up, but there is still lots of room for more people.

Men don't have to be rich to live here, only healthy.

A female can make a good marriage even if she is poor.

The rich always help the poor in MN.

Sickness's very rarely go around in MN.