A Day in The City

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City Day!

City Day was a blast! Thank you for helping your child dress for the occasion. They had a lot of fun visiting the city cafe, the park, the first grade recycling museum, the art museum, and a concert performed by students from the big school. They even got to watch a slideshow movie featuring different cities and all the things they would see if they were strolling the streets.
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Buddies & Brownies

I forgot to share some photos with you from our Buddy and Brownie little celebration for great behavior in the classroom. Our class loved spending time working and enjoying a snack with their favorite pal.
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Creative Writing

This week, your child drew a city and included different types of buildings, stores, stops, salons, gyms, parks, etc. First, we discussed our favorite things to see or do and whether or not they can be found in the city. Then, your child picked the different places they wanted to have in their city. In their writing, they described their city and what was in it. Take a look at how great they did!
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Letters to Fairytale Characters

This week, your child learned how to write a letter, and edit their writing. Each student chose a fairytale character that they would like to write! They wrote them a letter asking them questions, and telling them interesting things about themselves. Miss Chris and I then conferenced with each child and talked to them about how to add to their writing. We edited and added adult writing together. During the editing process, each child added at least one statement or question, a closing sentence, or additional details. Each student then did a final draft of their letter to show them the importance of always improving, and the formality of a letter! Next week, they will illustrate a picture, and mail their letter. We can't wait to see if their fairytale character writes back to them! I wonder how long it will take the post office to find the castles, cottages, and magical villages to deliver the letters :)

More Fun With Shapes

In Math this week, your child learned about hexagons, the names of solid (three-dimensional) figures, and items in our environment that are also solids. We focused on the following three-dimensional shapes:

  • Sphere
  • Cylinder
  • Cone
  • Cube

Naming Three-dimensional Shapes

We play "I have, who has" with shapes. Each student had a shape, and they took turns asking their friends who had a different shape. This was a fun way for them to practice! We also worked on describing shapes and their positions in the environment. At home, have them look for three-dimensional shapes around the house, and have them describe their position to you. For example, the paper towel roll is shaped like a cylinder, and it is next to the cookie jar.
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CSS Virtual Summer Camp

If you are interested in signing up your child for the CSS Virtual Summer Camp, please click on the following link- http://goo.gl/forms/IGzXZeICUO

  • Please note- If you already signed up for Virtual Summer School via the School Messenger that was sent out at the end of last month, you do NOT need to complete it again.

Look What's Next in Kindergarten

May 20th - Field Day!
  • Please have your child wear light blue. We are going to be the Wildcats!!