No Red Ink

Techy Teacher 2015-2016 Volume 2

What is No Red Ink?

Introduction to NoRedInk
I often get asked if there are online adaptive programs for students that specialize in grammar. No Red Ink hits the mark for students of ALL ages. In fact, I've used it for myself. I always get semicolons and colons confused. So, I took a stroll through the program and did a little practice.
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As you can see from the above picture, some of the items are locked because I don't subscribe to the Premium version. However, there are more than enough topics overall in the free version for students to really get some good practice in.


The teacher guide located below goes through how to sign up, manage classes and create assignments. No Red Ink provides a diagnostic that students can take to start them along their adaptive path.


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Student Guide

Personalizing by Adding Interests

No Red Ink has students personalize how questions are asked by providing a quick interest inventory for them to complete.
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wrap up

Give No Red Ink a try. Not only is their product good for education, their customer service is top-notch. I contacted them to get a link to their overview video and they made sure to add it to Youtube and send me the link. I love when companies take the time to listen to their customers' feedback!