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January Newsletter

New Year New You!

I love the New Year. It is time for a fresh start, new beginnings and really giving intentional thought to your life. It is also a time to cast vision and decide how you want to live, and take action on making that happen. I have started this process and am setting goals, both personal & professional. My personal goal is to eat cleaner, and continue to practice meditation, and being present. After a busy year, and the holidays, I am in need of being back on track, and making self care a priority in my life.

As far a business, we have a lot of work which needs to be done in 2016. This mission is so important and our work is important. Along with the important work is a lucrative opportunity that is there for each one of you. Who are you to play small and not grow and attract that in your life--and how dare we not share that with those that could need this to support their families, and rise from living day to day. My business goals this year are to increase my personal business in 2016 by increasing my Socials each month and 1:1's. This will help me to not only build a strong client base, but also to build more direct business builders this year. Our team recruitment strategy is "recruit your first 10". Once you achieve that then you "do it again", "10 and again".

Decide to start your year off strong, and make January a solid month in your business. $2K PV and Socials to grow your network. Who can you contact about the business and also, how can you launch your team in Canada?

Lets Do This! One person, one product at a time!



Team Incentive to Learn & Grow!

January: Complete Modules 1 o 3!

January is a great time for learning and getting BTC to learn the incredible new training program at Beautycounter. We have a team incentive for those of you that complete each Module, you will be entered into a raffle for Free product and there will be a grand prize raffle for those that complete all 3.

Now the challenge is finding the time to carve out to complete these modules, without cutting into your work time for your business. You will need to implement focused time at your computer in your "off" hours. This will be a great exercise to learn and lead in your business.

Each week we will post a request to acknowledge who has completed each module beginning this week for module 1.

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