Have you ever used this?

Some Notes About Bing

In our school we use Bing to search. This site is not as good as google,But is almost the exact same thing.

What can you use and not use on Bing?

What can you use and not use on Bing?

On this site you can use site:org just like google. to find this out we used "cake site:org".Although you can use site;org you can not use "and". Another thing you can't use is quotes. the example we used is "My dog ate my homework". The last thing that you can't use is the "-' sign. Our example for this is "Vikings -minnesota".

Like and Dislike

On Bing there isn't much you can do on this as you can on Google. What we liked about Bing was it was somewhat like Google but what we didn't like is that there wasn't a lot of signs that you could use. We wound't recommend this website unless you were searching something without symbols.