Welcome Back!

Freedom 7 Elementary School

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Introducing NEW Freedom 7 Family:

Mitigation Plan

The Mitigation Plan is the procedure changes based on the district and new CDC guidelines.

Registration DAY August 4

  • Register on APT website Freedom7APT.com
  • All families attend registration at your scheduled appointment or EMAIL the front office to make arrangements for a different time with the front office.
  • Pre-order student planners prior to registration
  • T-Shirts will be available for purchase (blue ribbon and Friday red)
  • Used uniforms will be available for purchase.
  • Complete "How my child is going home" form (Child Care, Walk/Bike, Multi Family Car Pool or Single Family Pick Up). All but our few immediate neighbors will be picked up in the loops. DO NOT PARK IN NEIGHBORS YARDS- if you have a car you are a car rider. Walkers and bikers will meet adults outside school property beyond the perimeter fence line.
  • Register for Freedom 7 Child Care. Spots going fast.
  • Receive Silent Dismissal car tag and loop assignment. All students will remain in their classroom for safety and social distancing. Your car tag is how we will digitally notify teachers to send students to the car loop. Staff will be in halls to help direct children while also social distancing.
  • Purchase new uniforms in-store or online at Bartman Uniform Sales or All Uniform Wear.
  • MEET YOUR TEACHERS! They will be out and about registration day.

First Days of School

Grades 1st- 6th August 10

Kindergarten August 13 at 9:30 AM

Volunteers and FIRST DAYS!

We are excited to allow scheduled volunteers on campus however, numbers will be limited at all times for the safety of our Freedom 7 family members. Volunteers as defined by Policy 8475 are individuals planned and scheduled on campus to serve and complete a task. You must be registered and fingerprinted through BPS Raptor to log your hours.


All volunteer time will be planned/arranged in advance through the teacher/staff member you are supporting or solicited by the APT on behalf of F7 through Sign-up Genius.


Due to current mitigation protocols, visitors are not permitted on campus until further notice. Thank you for your continued support as we work to keep everyone healthy.


To provide the best first day experience, we are delaying kindergarten start time by 30 minutes- please arrive to school at 9:30. All other traffic will be clear and this will allow you to greet your teacher, meet other families, participate in photo ops, and send your little one off to BIG KID SCHOOL! Around 9:50 the teachers will line up the kids and take them on to class. You will then be invited into the cafeteria for the APT Meet and Greet. A great time to again, meet families, receive important information and have any other questions answered. If 9:30 is too late for your schedule, we will be here for your child at 8:30 and are happy to welcome and escort them to their teacher with all other students that morning.

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Arrival Procedures

  • Students K-6 registered in Child Care arrive between 6:30 AM and 8:30 AM in the front (North) loop CHILD CARE
  • Students K-6 wishing to have breakfast should be dropped between 8:30 and 8:45 in the front (North) loop
  • Students grades 1-6 wishing to go directly to class should be dropped between 8:45 and 8:55 in the east car loop (Sunrise Drive)
  • Kindergarten students should arrive at 8:55 in the east car loop (Sunrise Dr.) Kdg students dropped earlier for breakfast will be escorted to class by a faculty member by 9:00
  • Instruction begins promptly at 9:00. Students will be issued a tardy pass if they arrive in class after 9 by seeing Mrs. Carol in the front office. Parents can watch their child enter from vehicle and an adult will escort them to class.

Silent Dismissal

  • DISPLAY Silent Dismissal number in the front window of your vehicle. All students will remain in their classroom for safety and allows for social distancing. Your tag is how we notify teachers to send students to the car loop. It also is security knowing only individuals with the school provided tag are permitted to pick up children.

If you forget your tag, or send someone without your tag, you/they will be required to park and show ID in the front office to call your child. Only individuals listed on your registration or with your silent dismissal tag will be allowed to take your child.

  • We will begin calling student numbers at 3:25
  • Pull all the way to the front of the line. (exit gate in the east loop & end of sidewalk in the north loop)
  • Walkers and bike riders will be released at 3:25 and will exit out the north gate. Adults must wait at the perimeter fence so that our students can exit without going through a crowd.
  • Use of cell phones while in the car loop is against the law. Safety is our priority.
** Parents may not park in the vicinity for students to walk to. This is a safety hazard. Only students going to homes in the area are walkers and bikers.

Help Our Traffic Soar!

  • Have Silent Dismissal Tag displayed
  • Plan ahead. Traffic will take the longest the first week or 2 of school.
  • Pull all the way forward even if you see your child. They can walk forward with you.
  • Allow students to get in the car quickly. Opening trunks and hatches takes more time.
  • All students must enter on the passenger side. Make sure seats are clear of pets, siblings and other items.
  • Try not to have conversations with adults in the loop
  • No cell phone use
  • Watch for walkers and bike riders as you are approaching campus. It is suggested that north loop drivers make their U-turn at the END of 4th Street South.
  • Corporal Kent says "Dogs are encouraged!" LOL
  • If lightening strikes within 3 miles of the school, all dismissal will be delayed a minimum of 30 min. NO one is excited about rainy day dismissal, but we all know it is necessary.

Reminder there will be no student check out after 3:00 M-TH or after 2:00 Fridays. All student check out requires valid ID. Make sure all adults picking up your child/ren are listed on your registration form.

Traffic will take longer the first week or two of school. We thank you in advance for your patience and support while we work to dismiss everyone safely.

School Supplies

School supplies can be dropped on registration day or sent in over several school days if too cumbersome for your child/ren.

Mitigation During the Day!

  • Students will sit facing one direction at lunch with few students per table.
  • Entry and exit to the café will be orchestrated to prevent passing groups.
  • Water fountains will continue to be used strictly for water bottle filling.
  • Hand sanitizer will be used upon entry and exit of all classrooms.
  • Regular handwashing practices throughout the day.
  • Students in hallways will be reduced to necessary transitions.
  • Hall restrooms will be assigned to grade specific groups.
  • Assigned seats throughout the day will be maintained for contact tracing.
  • Masks may be worn by anyone who feels more comfortable
  • Students absent, reporting or exhibiting COVID symptoms will be required to quarantine for 10 days OR present a doctors note stating alternative diagnosis OR negative PCR test AND no fever for 24 hours. DOH fax: 321-637-7313
  • If quarantined BPS will provide digital education resources to be completed at home.
  • Absences will be coded if a child is out due to COVID as not to impact attendance record.

Early Dismissal Days

  • EVERY Friday
  • This includes 8/13/21
  • We begin dismissal at 2:15

New Parent Orientation

If you are a new family to Freedom 7 and have not attended any required orientation meetings please join us and earn your first hour of volunteering:

Monday, August 9 @ 3:00 Via ZOOM

Click HERE to join the zoom call.