Warren Middle School Activities

It's Time To Get Involved With Your School


The purpose of yearbook is for kids who love creating cool things, to create their schools yearbook! In yearbook you can get all of your ideas out and put them on to the cover or pages in the book. You can be more involved in your school by going and taking pictures of activities going on around school. You can be really creative as you create the booklet. Take a second and think, could you imagine your schools yearbook created by you! In addition to all that cool stuff, you have to do some things on your own time and with have to be willing to work with other people. Yearbook is such a fun experience!
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The purpose of volleyball is for students who have a love, passion, and a good skill in this sport show it! You learn to work with different people that have better skills at a certain position that you have weaker skills at. But you have to wake up at the school at 6:00. You have so much fun learning to: hit the ball, serve the ball, pass the ball, and set! It is really important to sharpen your skills. You have to have good hand-eye coordination when you do most things. You will enjoy playing a sport you love. But you have to have hard work, dedication, and you cant be scared to fall on the floor or get hit in the face with the ball. Volleyball is a sport you will love if you try it!


The purpose of football is to show your skills! Boys can tackle each other and some of the time people just get all their anger out. If you love to run you can be the person (running-back) that gets the ball and runs down the field to make a touchdown! You work with a team to win. You show your skills, you know like the best position you play. But you need to know that you can get seriously injured. But all-around football is a really fun sport to play!


The purpose of basketball is to show your skills. When you play this sport you get really fit by running up and down the court. You learn to work with a team. You show how talented you are in this sport. They teach you to: dribble, pass the ball, and shoot the ball! You can have fun but you need to be serious in the game. You have to be able to run for a really long time up and down the court. Basketball is a fun sport to play!


The purpose of tennis is to strengthen your skills! You better your skills in this sport. You work on your hand-eye coordination. This sport involves a lot of moving around and following where the ball, you get really fit in this sport. If you work really hard and train a lot in this sport, you could qualify for the Olympics. Although, you may think tennis is a real easy sport, it really involves a lot of work! Tennis is really fun to play especially when you play it on the Wii!
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