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Chilean family

Family Structure

Chile is a extended famaly with relitives living close to each other and interact frequently

Throught Chile children tend to live with there parents until they mary

it is consider inappropriate for woman, especially, to move out befor marriage

gender roles

Girls tend to help mothers in the kichen and take care of siblings begining at the age of six

Boys help out around the house less but help out there dads run arrends and repair things

Woman in some areas do the same work as men but do not resive the same amount of income as the men, but women are intergrating into formal work and are takeing leadership roles doing good

family belief

Chileans believe family is vary important and there family is there life

Child/parent relationship

children live with parents until they mary

when children get married they tend to live with there parents until they can aford there own house

children, especially woman look after there elderly parents at a older age

interesting fact

Chileans were not aloud to get separated until 2004


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