Domestic Violence

Creating Awareness for a Modern Day Issue

Did you know that Domestic Violence affects more than 3-4 million women in America annually?

-Domestic Violence is often a hidden, behind closed-doors issue that affects many women in the household.

-While this abuse obviously harms the victim emotionally and physically, the damage doesn't stop there. Children in the household are at risk too.

-The American Psychological Association names domestic violence as a learned behavior that children can quickly pick up on and view as normal or even necessary in a household.

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The powerful image above relays a common response, yet powerful message about domestic violence. Women often go back to their significant others/abusers because of:

1. Financial Dependency

2. Fear of Tearing Family Apart

Issues with Legislation:

Today, one issue in legislation is the lack of strictness is dealing with restraining orders. Often times, these are taken out in response to past domestic violence and abuse, and are a legal measure victims can take to feel a sense of safety on a legal level. However, restraining orders are often enforced rather lightly and cannot be monitored closely. Pushing for tighter strictures on the upholding of the conditions of restraining orders as well as harsher punishment for the violation of them would help to prevent repeat domestic violence. Below is the link for a petition to Georgia Lawmakers that can be signed to push for reforms in this area.

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With your help, we can begin to reduce this startling statistic below:
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