The Marshall Plan

By: Amanda Casillas and Inala Gant


The Marshall plan was a form of aid where the United states gave $13 billion to Western Europe. Places like Western Europe were in need of economic support and re building after WWII.

Cause (background):

  • George C. Marshall gave a speech at the University of Harvard on June 5th 1942.
  • Downfall of post WWII.
  • Economic issues in Western Europe.


Molotov Plan was created by the Soviet Union to provide aid and rebuild EASTERN companies aligned with them in 1947.

The Marshall Plan was an American initiative to aid WESTERN
Europe in 1948.

-Remove trade barriers
-Modernize industry
-Make Europe prosper again
-Prevent the spread of communism
-Rebuild devastated war regions.

Truman signed the act establishing the Economic Corporation Administration to administer the program.

The act successfully sparked economic recovery.