Bruno Mars

By: Jaiya Jones


Bruno Mars who is 28 was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.Bruno Mars was four when he started performing. All of Bruno's family has been famous. His father's name was Pete and was a Latin percussionist from Brooklyn. Bernadette, Mars' mother was a singer.Mars' sisters had a show called " The Lila's".
Bruno Mars was a stage name; his real name was Peter Geñe Hernadez. They called him Bruno because his dad had favorite wrestler that was chubby and named Bruńo ,and Mars was chubby as a baby, so they called him Bruno growing up. The name Mars came from his first performance- a girl said he was "Out of this World".

Life not a piece a cake

Mars went to Roosevelt High School, which is where he found his band. After he graduated high school, he moved to Los Angeles, California and had many struggles. He struggled to make a break through in the music industry. He became frustrated and impatient about moving on with his career, so he turned into a songwriter. Bruno Mars said, " I only started writing songs when I moved up to L.A because when I was in Hawaii, I never really needed to, " he recalled. "But it stemmed from just learning that have to do everything by yourself. It's not like what you see in movies, where you walk into a record company and you're given all these great songs to sing. You have to write the song that the world is going to want to hear and play it over and over again. I learned that the hard way is here in L.A"


"No matter where I perform, it's my job to uplift the people," Mars said. He has won a Grammy award for " Unorthodox Jukebox". In September the NFL announced him the performer for halftime at the Super Bowl . Mars was compared to many formal artist such as Beyoncé, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, and Paul McCartney. Lock heaven was one of his best singles.

You can call me "Batman"

Mr.Mars called himself "Batman" because he went to school, was Peter Geñe Hernandez, went home, dressed up as Presley, and became Bruno Mars. He loved R and B music and always wanted to be open to the world. So called "Batman" was inspired by Little Richard, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Alicia Keys and so many others.