Wind Energy

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy

Introduction to Wind Energy

Wind power is the transformation/conversion of wind energy into a form of energy, such as using wind turbines to make electrical power. Wind Energy is one alternative to fossil fuels, its plentiful and renewable as well as widely distributed around the world, its clean, uses little land, and doesn't produce greenhouse gases during use.

Environmental Impacts of Wind Energy

The Environmental impact of Wind energy is relatively low compared to other sources of energy, e.g fossil fuels. in order to build wind turbines. Materials must be mined then Manufactured and etc. BUT the energy used to Manufacture and build a wind turbine is equal to the new energy produced by the wind turbine within a few months. Wind turbines dont take up too much space which leads to no land expansion.It can injure wild life such as birds but deaths of birds or other flying species from wind turbines is relatively low. It can also cause great threats if one breaks, causing fires, etc. This rarely happens though.

Economic Impacts of Wind Energy

The Economic impact of wind energy is pretty low but there are benefits. There is Employment Opportunities which adds economic value, there is also Tourism attraction to see some of these big turbine facilities. producing money which we can use to further our economy. Leases for some of these wind turbines also generates money since its located on private land and leased, this leads to over hundreds of thousandths of money even millions! theres also local investments which is also really nice! tax on real and personal property is a large source of revenue for the community and it can help build bigger schools and provide better educations, with all this in mind. Its impacts are mostly positive!


Wind Energy proves on both ends to be relatively reliable compared to fossil fuels, it doesn't produce any greenhouse gases ON use and provides economic benefits such as tax revenue and Job opportunities. energy is used to produce one but as stated earlier, a wind turbine can make equal the energy in a couple of months. imagine how much it can make in a couple of years! Therefore I think Wind energy is one of the better energies and can replace fossil fuels in some aspects.
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