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We Have a Reading Heart


Monday, February 16 - CCCMS
Tuesday, February 17 - Garfield 8:00-11:30 and Lincoln 11:35-4:00
Wednesday, February 18 - CCCMS (I will be gone this day)
Thursday, February 19 - Garfield 8:00-11:30 and Lincoln 11:35-4:00
Friday, February 20 - Lincoln


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We will be celebrating Presidents Day this week. The Third grade will read JFK during story time. We will be reading Teddie in second grade. In first grade we will be reading To Dare Mighty Things. In Kindergarten we will be reading Our Abe Lincoln.

On Friday, December 12 we will see:
3rd Grade - Fox/Burch - We will be reading The Great Dewey Hunt and practice our Dewey decimal shelving skills with a shelving game.

2nd Grade - Larson/Mick - We will be practicing our inferencing skills and how to read between the lines.

1st Grade - Lange/Brown - We will be working on story elements character, setting, and major events.

Kindergarten - Shannon/Thatcher - We will be reading Z is for Moose and will continue to work on alphabetical order.

Recommended Reads:

Rabbit and the Not-So-Big-Bad Wolf

by Michael Escoffier
Call Number: E Esc

No wonder Rabbit is so scared! The Not-So-Big-Bad Wolf is on the prowl. Rabbit draws a terrifying picture of the Big Bad Wolf on the blackboard. The Wolf appears and tears after the frightened Rabbit, who tries to hide but to no avail. At the end, the wolf provides a delightful surprise. (Amazon.com)


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This week we will see our Tuesday classes (Wuthrich/Williams and Edwards) and our Thursday classes (Pfizenmaier/Deines).

The 4th grade will finishing their work together in like groups and finalize their presentations about their nonfiction section of the library.

The 5th grade will be finishing their research on their section of the library that they will be sharing with their classmates. They will add their information to their Google Presentation and finalize it to prepare to teach about their section of the library.

Recommended reads:

The Ghastly Dandies do the classics by Ben Gibson

They're dapper. They're monstrous. They're erudite. They're the Ghastly Dandies, a breed of beast that happen to be as well-versed in classics as they are well-dressed in knickers and neckties!

These ghastlies are guaranteed to delight readers of all ages with their clever renditions of Moby Dick, Hamlet, The Odyssey, Pride and Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes, and more.

These classic, illustrated tales told by monsters are sure to make your own little "ghastly" giggle. It's the kind of book you'll want to read to your kids, read again with your friends, and show off on your coffee table when you're done.

Don't miss the first compendium of adult classics ever to be told by monsters! (Amazon.com)


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The library will be closed on Tuesday (all day), Thursday (p.m. only), and Friday (p.m. only)

During 8th hours on the following days, Monday (Mrs. Blake), Tuesday (Mrs. Weller), Wednesday, (Mrs. Yenni), and Thursday (Mr. Rickley) the 6th grade language arts classes will be in the library for checkout.

Recommended reads:

City of the dead : Galveston Hurricane, 1900 by T. Neill Anderson -

Grade 5 and Up
The year was 1900--a time before cars, evacuation routes, and up-to-the-minute weather reports. It was the day the deadliest storm in US history hammered Galveston, Texas. It was the day an entire island city was nearly wiped from existence.

At the onset of the hurricane, Albert Campbell and the other boys at the orphanage kicked and splashed in the emerging puddles. Daisy Thorne read letters from her fiancé, and Sam Young wondered if his telegram had reached the mainland, warning his family of the weather.

Just a few hours later, torrential rains and crushing tidal waves had flooded the metropolis. Winds upwards of one hundred miles per hour swept entire houses and trees down the streets. Debris slashed through the air; bodies whirled amid the rushing waters. Albert, Daisy, and Sam weren’t safe. No one was.

Based on an historic natural disaster, CITY OF THE DEAD weaves together a shocking story where some miraculously survive . . . and many others are tragically lost.

CITY OF THE DEAD is the first book in the Horrors of History series. The series commemorates horrific, life-changing events in our nation's past. Each novel makes history accessible with a combination of thorough research, descriptions of a specific time period, narrative accounts of actual historical persons, and fictionalized characters.(Amazon.com)