Peek at the Week



This week

10/12, Monday, 3-4 Staff Meeting

Topics: CPS Training, Halloween Plan, Staff Wellness Survey

Meet in Mr. Miller's room (P-7)

10/13, Tuesday, ILT Meeting, 3-4:30

Meet in Mr. Miller's Room (P-7)

10/14, Weds: PD 1:40-3pm

Topic: Math

Meet in Mr. Miller's Room (P-7)

10/15, Thursday

Chelsea offsite for Principal PD, Ms. Morgan in charge

Meet in Mr. Miller's Room (p-7)

Topic: Social Emotional

Thursday, 10/15, 10:00am

Great California Shake Down State Wide Earthquake Drill, See Drill expectations in your box

10/16, PD Day No Students

8:30am- 3pm Meet in Mr. Miller's Room P-7

10/21 Construction Team Meeting (Toller, Miller, Ross, Ratto)

4:30-6pm Glenview Library

Tuesday, 10/27 SST Day #2

Upcoming Assemblies and Special Events

10/23 Pacific Boychoir 1:15

11/20- Farewell Fudge- 8:30-9:30 Assembly

12/1 Mr. Eco, 1:15 K-3, 2pm, 4-5

2/5 Black History Month Assembly

3/3, Bay Area Children's Theater Performance of Aladdin

3/11 Stop Waste Assembly

3/18 Disability Awareness Day (see details below)

Moving Minds- Instruction and Academics

2015-16 Oakland Unified Big Question of the Year

2015-16 Big Question

How are we aligning strategies for all targeted groups to ensure closing achievement gaps?

Cycle Of Inquiry #2 Begins: 10/7/15 Math

First Informal Observations

Teachers going through the TGDS Evaluation Process (Plambeck, Litt, Fowlkes, Takimoto, Shreve, and Ghazizadeh), I will be coming in for an informal observation this week. Let me know if there is a time that DOES not work for you by Monday pm.

Weekly/Daily Schedules Needed

Thanks to the following teachers who have turned in their weekly/daily schedules to Ms. Morgan;

Tk/K: Shreve, Fowlkes

1st Grade: Alexander

2nd Grade: All In!

3rd Grade:

4th Grade: All In!

5th Grade:

PEC Ghazizadeh

Planning Time this Week?

Several of you have said you need time to work on some important projects in your rooms or with colleagues. On Friday, teachers will have from 11-1 for an extended mid-day lunch break to do individual planning. or meet with colleagues. We will resume our math PD from 1-3 in Mr. Miller's Room (p-7) in the afternoon.

Professional Development This Week

Weds: Math lead by Samara & Linda, 1:40-3pm

Outcome: Using the Performance Based Assessments Begin to Plan for the next Math Unit

Thursday: SEL lead by SEL Team, 1:40-3pm

Outcome: Clarify expectations for Halls, Balls and Lining Up at Glenview

Friday K-5: Math lead by Samara and Linda, 8:30-3pm

Outcome: Next Math Unit Planned through Backwards by Design Process

Friday Special PD:

VI Team & PEC Professional Development lead by Ms. Bri (Ratto, Dean, Ghazizadeh)

PE Team- Central Office Training (Sanchez, Cuny)

Planning for January Transition (Brouhard & Schenker)

Science- Engineering PD (Litt pm only)

Moving Bodies- Operations & Logistics

Moving Hearts

Disability Awareness Day Coming to Glenview

Glenview's PEC team is planning a Disability Awareness Day for March 18. We will have a classroom visit model in the morning (similar to how we did LGBTQ pride last year) where we will have visitors to classrooms share about different disabilities (how to read braille, signing, advocacy work, etc) and then from 1:30-2:30 we will have an outdoors event where kids can learn about different types of activities (such as goal ball, wheelchair basketball or participate in blindfolded walks, etc.). Thanks to Ms. Bri, Ms. Bowers, Ms. Ratto, Ms. Zika, Ms. Leung, and Ms. Ghazizadeh for helping us plan this day!

Canned Food Drive

Bins will be in the main hall from October 12 through November 20 to stamp out hunger. Please encourage students to bring in non-perishable food. Thanks to Ms. Sullivan for leading this effort!