Special Fun Fair Weekend

special weekend for children with a benefit suplementery

Join us!

We've organised a weekend for children with a suplementery benefit. The reason that we've organised this day is because their parents haven't enough money to go out with them and do fun things.

Special Fun Fair Weekend

Friday, April 11th, 12pm

the Efteling

This weekend is specially for children from 6 to 18. We give them the posibillity to have a sleep-over at the fantastic Efteling Hotel. Only this weekend there is a special stand from McDonalds where children can eat for free with a special pass.

This is made possible in coöperation with McDonalds and Nike.

For more information visit: www.specialfunfairday.org

What are we going to do?

9th of April 12:00 pm Meeting at te front of the park'

9th of April 15:00 pm All childeren meet at Pagode

9th of April 20:00 pm Childeren go to the hotel

10th of April 10:00 am Children meet in the morning by the mac donalds stand for breakfast

10th of April 13:00 pm Picnik at the park

10th of April 17:00 pm We eat diner at food plaza

11th of April 11:00 am Start of the last day we meet at the theater

11th of April 18:00 pm We end the day with a big party at villa volta