Girls' Care Week

May 16th through May 20th

Start Fresh Monday

Start your week right by learning how to stay active, eat right, and be energized throughout your day. In this session, all participants will watch a short film about nutrition and fitness. They will also be playing a series of games teaching young girls about how to be healthier.

Treating your Skin Tuesday

In this course, all attendees will learn how to properly treat their skin. All questions like, “How do I treat a pimple? What should I do if I have a zit? What do I use for oily skin?” will be answered and everyone attending will learn more on how to treat their skin to look their best.

What Product Wednesday

During the course of the school day, students that want it, will get a pamphlet filled with highly recommended brands and products to use for makeup, body, and hair. All of these products listed in the pamphlet are products that were recommended by your fellow middle school peers and are filled with tips and messages.

Treating your Hair Thursday

Learn how to take care of your hair during this session. Each participant will learn how to take of any hair issues including greasy hair, dandruff, etc. Also, each child will be taught how to do cool braids and designs in their hair and have the best hair in school.

Face Friday

Every week we have to FACE FRIDAY and this session will help you look your best while doing it. In this hour session, every girl will learn how to look their best and feel their best with makeup. They will learn about the proper colors and ways to apply different types of makeup. When they leave they will feel more confident in themselves.

Permission Slip

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