The Big Learning Project

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The Sheffield College transforms lives by offering outstanding education and training.

Strategic Aims this project aligns with:

- We will have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place. They will be well supported and treated fairly. Their achievements will be recognised and rewarded (People).

- We will provide an inspirational, efficient and effective curriculum (Quality).

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Information- The Context

The 'Big Learning Project' (whatever it ends up looking like) is a development approach, which will enable you to work on the 'Teaching and Learning' side of your professionalism, whilst still maintaining the high standards of your 'subject specialism.'

Ofsted’s recent visit highlighted that our learners are developing excellent employability skills that will help them to progress into their future careers. This is evidence of strong subject specialist knowledge across the college and we should maintain this through continued industry updating, subject specialist events and links with employers.

Ofsted also highlighted that the key area for development is teaching & learning.

Ofsted also observed that although there is great practice in some parts of the college, we haven't been brilliant at sharing this.

So what can we do to address these things?

Activity 1- Research

CPD can help us to transform teaching & learning practice at the college but research conducted into its effectiveness has highlighted some serious issues.

Your challenge is to find what some of the observations, evidence or recommendations are. Share what you discover on our research wall by clicking the link below and then double-clicking anywhere on the page to post what you've found:

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One possibility...

We've designed one possibility for the 'Big Learning Project' and we hope that through your engagement in this development approach, the following will occur:

  • A relevant and personalised journey
  • A starting point that's all about the learners
  • Development that's filled with choice and variety
  • Opportunity for collaboration with colleagues
  • Space and time for reflection on your practice

Activity 2- Video

The video below introduces the 'Big Learning Project' and the phases it will include until summer 2016. Please make notes whilst you watch the video about things you like and things you'd like to change about it.
Big Learning Project

Activity 3- Feedback

Please complete the all important feedback form by 4pm Friday 20th February so that the 'Big Learning Project' can be changed to better fit your needs.

Thank you in advance for your time!

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