STEAM Project!

Join our edmodo group watch our progress. The code is zseev7

Ms. Mccarthy Steam Project

Ms. Mccarthy classes are coming together to make a pollinator garden and make our school stand out! Using composting to make our soil rich in nutrients and to grow our magnifecent garden. We have almost 2000 red wigglers in our composting bin used to make our soil rich. Composting is bascially we feed the red wigglers with food and their manure is great for good soil. The better our soil is the better our plants will grow and make our courtyard shine like it has never before.

You can get involved!

join our group the code is under the title located above. We have a twitter and a instagram you can follow us. Watch our progess and how we completed such a task withh Ms Mccarthy. Follow us so you can see how are garden is going! By Christian