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The Best of Mal!

Mal is the kind of guy that everyone likes to be around. He not one of the nicest people ever, but one might call him call him "bad" or other names that children aren't aloud to hear. Don't be the only one that does not have mal! Now at it's all time low price of only $999.99! Buy yours today! You'll be the rootinest rootinest cowboy in the wild west!

Description of Mal!

Mal is a greenish, sweet, and bubbly soda. Just pop open a can of "Mal's Finest" and instantly, mal will give you that urge to just say "no"! Mal is sold at pretty much every restraunt!

Story of Mal!

Mal grew up in a pasifitic town in Texas. Everyone loved him because he was so nice to them. But years went by and everyone took advantage of him. They would ask him for money, and being the nice guy he is, happily gave them the money. After that had been constantly happening, he finally had enough. He spent day on weeks in his basement working on a way to make him just a little meaner and more bad. Months went on by, and now his wife had left him. Now he had created the right brew of the all new prefix, mal , and after he drank it everyone now gives Mr.Mal the upmost respect. Now he makes millions off this product because anyone who's anyone has it.