Dewsly Night!

Tuesday, March 24th

Join us for Dewsly Night!

Come join us for Dewsly Night! We'll share an overview of the program - why we've chosen to pilot it and how it will fit in with our current communications. We'll also share with you what you can do in the program as a parent. You'll also get time to meet with your pilot teacher to find out more about their Dewsly classroom and how you can participate in your child's classroom through Dewsly!

Dewsly Parent Night!

Tuesday, March 24th, 7:30-8:15pm

Centralia Intermediate School

We'll meet in the CIS Gym!
7:30-7:50 Overview of Dewsly, CIS Gym

7:50-7:55 Move to Classrooms

7:55-8:15 Dewsly in the Classroom

8:15-8:45 (optional) Q&A with Mrs. Rausch, CIS Gym

We'll see you there!

Mrs. Rausch, Mrs. Warbritton, Mrs. Harper, Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Lafferty, Mrs. Crum, Mrs. Kropf, Mrs. Watermann, Mrs. Hancock, Ms. Magnuson, Ms. Tiesing, Mrs. Patton, & Ms. Schultz!