Night Content Questions

By: Dylan Whiddon

How did camp life change the prisoners as a person? A family? And relationships with other human beings?

It morphed the prisoners into beasts. The Nazi's made them fight for food and to survive. In the concentration camps, family's were torn apart. Son turned against father just to survive. In the camps, the father-son bonds were severed. The prisoners only cared about themselves. After the camps were liberated, the prisoners might be paranoid or not want to do anything with other people.

Identify at least 3 themes in the novel.

One of the themes in the novel "Night" is FAITH. The Nazi's tried to break the Jew's faith. Many of the Jew's lost faith. The ones who didn't had faith that God would save them and liberated the camps. Even after all the horrible things the Nazi's did to them, they still prayed to their God.

Another one of Night's themes is HOPE. Most of the Jew's never gave up and kept on fighting. They never let the Nazi's take away their hope. They always believed that out of the bad, something good would happen.

One more theme is this novel is SILENCE. Silence happens a lot in this book. Like when Elie's father called for him, he never answered. When the Jew's were murdered, no one cried for them.

What does this novel reveal about you as a human being?

That I feel said about what happened to the Jew's. That I never want anything like this to happen again, no matter who is being killed. That human beings can be monsters, even to other humans,