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By Jessica Bodas Connect Coach

Highlights of Explain Everything App

iPad Tutorial 01 - Explain Everything

Watch video

If you were unable to attend the JOT session on Monday. Feel free to watch this video that highlights the features of the Explain Everything App. Then click on the URL (link) below to list ideas of how you see using this in your classroom.
Want Explain Everything added to your student iPads?

Click on above link to let me know a good time to pick up your ipads to add Explain everything to them.

Mrs. Porterfield is using Book Creator App with her students

Understanding Different Points of View in Non Fiction Writing.

  1. Students matched events to characters actions after reading 4 different versions of the same incident.
  2. They created two separate points of view by retelling the story through two different characters eyes as related to chain of events.. (Most did human and the non human point of view.) Ss became the characters
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