Rosh Hashanah

By Mason and Amelia

What is it

Rosh Hashanah means the head of the year, It is the first day of the Jewish year this is also the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve. This is also a celebration of the special relationship with God and humanity. It is also the anniversary on mans first sin and his repentance


They are not permitted to work on this holiday because its a day for self reflecting and fasting. It is also one of the holiest days. A lot of the Jewish religion stay home. Schools close, stores close and large Jewish towns seem to completely shut down on.

When it is

This celebration goes from October 2nd through October 4 this year those days of the week are Sunday through Tuesday

What do they eat

Vegetarian mock chopped liver, avacado mango salsa caviar and chive cream cheese, Sea bass spring rolls are some of many appetizers. Moroccan fish, fruity roast, Baked chicken with honey soy-sauce are some of the many main dishes eaten. Cakes, cheesecakes, cookies chocolate candies, cupcakes and doughnuts are all eaten as desserts.

How it is celebrated

They all gather and eat special foods, along with special prayers like praying for a good year. They also bless one another inscribed and sealed for a good year. Talshlich, is a special prayer said near a body of water.