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Trending EdTech News for the Month of June 2015

Summer Professional Development Offered Online by North Tier

Summer is the perfect time to take an online course through North Tier. These courses earn recertification hours or optionally, you can earn graduate credit from Colorado State University. Courses take place entirely online, but are not a "course-in-a-can" approach. You have an instructor to help guide you through the course and help you when needed, which is why over 90% of people complete courses. No matter if you are at home, off on a weekend trip, or on your vacation, you can access your course as long as you have web access.

Quick facts:

  • Registration starts on June 1, 2015. Courses fill fast, so register early. Register at North TIER Registration (My Learning Plan). If you are new to North TIER, you will create a user name and password as you enroll. Never registered before? Check out how:
  • Courses (check out the catalog) are entirely online and most run from June 22 until August 9, 2015. The new 3 week (and orientation)administrator/school leader courses run from June 22 until July 20.
  • Courses run for 6 weeks, plus an orientation week and are 30 hours of work; or 3 weeks, plus an orientation week, and are 15 hours of work. The optional Graduate Credit from Colorado State requires an additional graduate-level reflection paper.
  • $50 per course (30 hours/points); $25 per course (15 hours/points)
  • The ETLO Moodle site hosts North TIER courses.
  • If you are interested in the graduate credit option, please register and pay for the course. During the first week of the course, we will send you information on how to register and make payment for graduate credit. Most courses are $140 extra per course for 2 graduate credits; 3-week courses are $70 extra per course for 1 graduate credit from Colorado State University

For further information, see our website, at

The Awesomeness of Twitter in Education

I started my twitter handle in 2012 with the idea that I would just send out technology information once in awhile to update teachers. Well since then I have learned that twitter has a lot more to offer than just a tweet once in awhile. The people you follow, the information you can read, and the collaboration that can take place makes Twitter an awesome educational tool. Below is some of the awesomeness that is Twitter in Education.

Twitter to Connect Content to Real Life

One of the most powerful uses for twitter in education is the ability to follow other educators and professionals that are relevant to your subject matter. Then have students follow you and you can retweet a professional tweet of article/blog/thought that you went over in class. This makes the content more real for them in their everyday lives.

Twitter as a Motivator

Another use of Twitter is too use it as a motivator. You can tweet out pictures, quotes, and helpful tips for struggling students to stay on task. All you need to do is have students follow you, and your tweets will end up on their twitter feed. This is a great way to go a little deeper into twitter than just tweeting homework assignments.

Click here to get more ways to use Twitter with your students.

Twitter Chats for your Professional Development

Educational Twitter chats take place when a group of educators "meet" on twitter at an agreed upon time, using an agreed upon hashtag, to discuss topics of interest in education. The word from educators in the trenches is that these chats are making a profound difference in how educators are improving their professional practice, providing ideas, resources and inspiration in ways never thought possible. Click here to find a twitter chat to try from

Getting Started on Twitter

There is no better time to start a twitter account than in the summer. You can start by following other educators and professionals within your subject area. Then retweet important information that will be helpful to you and your students for next fall. Click here for a Teacher's Guide to Twitter.

Colonial Forge Teachers using Twitter

If you are not on twitter yet, or you are just starting out and want ideas on how to use twitter in the classroom, below are our teachers here at Forge that are using twitter. Click on their twitter handle below to view how they are using twitter with their classes and organizations.

CF Writing Center: @cfwritingcenter

Mrs. Diamantopoulos: @MrsDEarthSci

Mr. Stauffer: @CoachMrStauffer

Mrs. Fleming: @CForgeFleming

Mrs. Kennedy: @MrsKennedycr

CFHS Yearbook: @ForgeYearbook

CF Learn And Serve: @learnservecf

Mrs. Nelson: @CForgeNelson

Mrs. Swayze: @JulieSwayze

Mr. Henry: @MrHenryDC

CF Athletics: @ForgeAthletics

Mrs. VanHusen: @CFtech1

End of Year Technology Reminder

It is that time of year again where we as teachers wrap up the school year, send the students home for summer vacation, and do some much needed cleaning of our rooms and materials. One of the things that will be cleaned is your computer. Please make sure to not leave anything on the desktop and save all important files that you would like to use for years to come to your H:Drive, your google account, or your own USB drive.

It is also time to clean up your School Fusion Pages. Archive all active pages that you will be using next year. Delete any pages that you have not used in two years and/or know you will not need again. If you have any questions about archiving or deleting Fusion pages see you iTRT or refer to your End of the Year Check out email.