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Week of September 27th ~ October 2nd

Great Week Everyone! The Family Picnic was a success and no rain! Dr. Binggeli was very impressed with you and our students! The Monster Book Fair is prepped and ready! It will be a big week next week with our Family Fun Night! Thank you for you individual contributions to Beaty, you make us look good!

Congrats to or newest U.S Citizen, Marta! We are so proud of you!

Please join the PTA and encourage your parents to get involved. I know we will have 100% staff participation!

Coming soon:

Monday, Sept. 28th CMIT@11:15 (401)

Monday, Sept. 28th Medicaid Training@11:30 (Conf. Rm)

Monday, Sept. 28th SPED Mtg@3:30 (719)

Tuesday, Sept. 29th Vision Screening

Wednesday, Sept. 30 New Teacher/SLP Mtg@11:30 (719)

Thursday, Oct. 1st Mobile Classroom 10:00-12:00

Thursday, OCt. 1st Family Fun Night 6:00-7:30

Friday, Oct 2nd Vision Screening

Friday, Oct. 2nd Building Tour 9:00

Upcoming September Birthday Girls:

9/28 Angela Adame-Picazo

10/1 Micree Dagondon

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Have a great weekend!


Beaty Brag Board

Here's the chatter!

  • Thank you, Mayra Andaluz for all her hard work while I have been gone. You are a superstar. ~ Sonia
  • Thank you, Lisa Duran, for being so awesome and patient with our new friend that cried for a full hour and continued reassuring him. Great tag teaming Lisa! ~ Fabby
  • Janaki, Thanks for treating me to my daily caffeine habit when I couldn’t get change for my $10 bill to use in the coke machine!!! It was needed that particular day!!! Thank you! ~Amanda
  • Lori, Nicki, & Janaki, A big SHOUT OUT for helping me get ready for family fun night. ~Elena
  • Amazing TEAMWORK Maria and Debbie! Thank you for picking up the load while our friend tends to family!
  • Micree, Thank you for providing the plants for the front. They look great!~Elena
  • Elena Helms, Thank you for initiating "Rhonda Support". ~ Micree
  • Jan and Roxy, Thank you for an insightful training on the language of consideration. ~Micree
  • A BIG thank you to Shauna and Krista for letting me slip out of class at different times to get art work up on the walls and display cases. Could not have gotten it finished without y'alls flexibility!! ~ Shirley
  • And, a brag for Dina for being considerate without compromising your set of principles and beliefs. I really admire and appreciate that. ~ Micree
  • Brooke J, You ROCK for being the most flexible SLP…. balancing two very different classrooms. ~Elena
  • Dendy and Jeanne , you have really been awesome about embracing and trying Google Drive. I am proud of them for figuring it out and checking for our lesson plan ideas through Google Drive. #computergeniuses ~ Shauna
  • Kelly G. – You do a GREAT job keeping you parents so informed. ~Elena
  • Micree, Your creativity has come up with some fabulous ideas to enhance our play dough/sensory area. The students are captivated by the novelty of stirring and mixing and adding new things to the dough. So much fun! And she has created a welcoming MONSTER for our book fair! ~ Jennifer
  • Jan, Thank you for scheduling the Urseline girls and organizing volunteers. ~Elena