Dying to be Thin.

50% of girls between ages 13-15 believe they are overweight.

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Signs and Symptoms

Mary-Kate Olsen was Anorexic?

Mary-Kate is well known for playing Michelle from the popular tv show Full House. She suffered with anorexia but later seek treatment. Before she received treatment she hid her eating disorder so well no one noticed for a long time, Dr. Drew Pinsky said, "I had a lot of meals with her, and it didn't seem there was anything wrong."Mary-Kate started loseing weight drastically after her 18th birthday. She was able to hid the fact that she was anorexic until 2008 when she spoke about it to reporters.
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Someone you know suffering from anorexia?

Don't hesitate to help! Contact EDCT (Eating Disorders Treatment Centers) though the following information:

Phone- (856)-810-0100

Website- http://www.edtconline.com