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Do YOU have what it takes to be a Willard Mountain Ski Racer?

Do you like skiing fast and in control? Do you like challenging yourself? Want to really improve your skiing? Does your school have a High School Ski Racing Team? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, why not consider joining The Willard Mountain Race Team?

Last winter over 90 skiers from ages 5-12 participated in the Willard Cup series, an introduction into ski racing series. This year the Willard Cup Series includes racers up to 14. No experience is necessary and FUN is had by all!

They say if you can ski Willard Mountain well you can ski anywhere in the World. Willard has had an enormous amount of success over the years. As a matter of fact at one time in the 80’s we had 6+ skiers on the professional circuit (World Cup) for skiing. 2 years ago we had the #1 boy and the #2 girl in the US at the High School level.

Well, you might ask, why would little old Willard have so much success? The terrain is part of the success. Skiers from all over the East want to train on our steep trail the Colonel. The Colonel has some of the steepest vertical in the East. The 2nd part is because of the repetition. The success of any athlete comes the ability to duplicate a successful run or even a throw in baseball or lacrosse. Very seldom at Willard do you wait in lines - even on the weekend. At the bigger Mountains you may wait in line for over an hour! Then after you wait in line it takes you 10-15 minutes to get to the top. At Willard you have more runs by 11:00 AM than most mountains will give you all day!!!

Willard typically produces better slalom skiers. Slalom is a shorter run with a short compact course with a lot of turns. The secret is control of your speed and turns. Willard possesses the steep pitch so that a skier feels in control and quite frankly we ski on the steepest pitch so our racers become used to controlling speed on the steep part of a course.

Giant slalom is more wide open and you travel at a higher rate of speed with less turns. Currently there is no downhill at the High School levels.

Ok, now you know about the different types of courses. Let me tell you about the program. Willard mountain race team races in the Vermont Alpine Racing Association (VARA). That’s right Vermont, we race against (Bromley, Stratton, Mount Snow, etc) the team in Southern Vermont. Here’s how it works. We train on both ski weeks (Christmas and President’s Week) 2 sessions (10:00-12:00, 1:00 to 3:00) each day for 5 days, culminating with a fun race at the end of the week with medals being awarded to the top 3 finishers in each age group. We have group lessons on Saturday with skills and drills for the 1st hour of each session. These drills are the foundation of making a strong skier not just a racer. The race team also trains every night after school one night will be slalom and the next night will be GS.

Click HERE for the Holiday Week Race Camp form for February. Its a great way to spend the week!

The competition is the best in the country!! The Vermont Circuit (we are the only NYS team) consists of Stratton, Bromley, Magic and Mount Snow. It is similar to a travel team from baseball, lax, or soccer in that we spend the day competing usually 2 runs against the clock. You will be placed and as the season progresses you will accumulate points towards the state meet, where all 3 regions of Vermont come together for a weekend of competition. The competitions are always on the weekend. If you finish in the top 15 -30 in the States you qualify for Nationals (Junior Olympics), where you race against future Olympians. 3 years ago Mikaela Shiffrin raced against our boys and girls in the Vermont States and Junior Olympics. That was pretty cool!!

The Willard Mountain Race Team is great preparation for High School racing as we consistently have the top racers in High School. I believe we have 6-7 boys and girls that are currently racing in College!

In closing Willard Mountain has a ton of benefits to the young casual skier that wants to REALLY learn how to ski. We are one of the best programs in the area and we would love to have you join us. Questions? Call me Dan Spigner ((518) 692-0017 or the Willard Mountain office at ( 518) 692-7337.

You can more information regarding the Willard Mountain Race Team here!


The world famous ACROBAG is BACK at Willard Mountain for 3 fun-filled days & nights!


$10 for 2 jumps

$30 for full single day pass

$60 for a 3 day pass (includes Sat night tubing event)

$50 for a 3 day pass for Season Pass holders (includes Sat night tubing event)

SATURDAY NIGHT ACROBAG TUNNEL TUBING EVENT!! No skis? No problem! From 6-9pm on SATURDAY FEB 14th the Acrobag is tubing only (no skis or snowboards allowed)! Come and ride a Willard Tube into the ACROBAG. Just $18/person for 3 hours of Acrobag fun!