Student Advisory Council

Yasmeen Carter

Mission/Vision Statement

To develop young leaders who are prepared to excel at city, state, and national levels with a determination to better our school and community

Community Service Projects

  • Sycamore Tree
  • Waycross Gospel Fest ( watching children in play area and food stations)
  • Thanksgiving Food Giveaway (served dinner to needy)
  • Blackshear Elementary School (reading to kids and helping with Fun Run)
  • Adopt a child for Christmas (through church)

Special Projects/Fundraising Events

  • Blue & Silver Challenge
  • Erin Davis Fundraiser
  • Bake Sale (Church Youth Trip)

Leadership Growth

  • More optimistic (complaining doesn't make things go easier or quicker)
  • Less Selfish ( it's okay to let other people shine because we all have different talents...teamwork makes the dream work)
  • More concerned with people who are often "left out" or considered "weird"
  • More Confident ( if you're not confident at least appear to be...people believe in you and your ideas when it looks like you truly believe in them yourself)
  • More Open Minded (my ideas aren't always the best options)
  • Better sense of humor (It's okay to laugh when you mess up badly. Failure isn't final, and never sweat the small stuff. Laugh and move on.)

Senior Service Project

Goodbye High School. Hello World!

Assembly dedicated to preparing seniors for life outside of high school

  • Info on filling out job applications and resumes (Mrs. Angela Manders)
  • College Panel (former PCHS students give advice about college EX: Kinsey Hayes, Clarence Washington, Kellyn Manders, etc.)
  • Money Management Session (ask for volunteers from local banks)
  • plan during summer (2-3 days of planning)
  • event to be held second or third week of school during fourth block
  • Permission from Mrs. Dara and ask people mentioned above to participate

"Teens Leading Teens"