Bear Facts

A Math Game

Materials needed:

- One deck of Bear Facts cards: 8-1s, 8-2s, 7-3s, 7-4s, 6-5s, 6-6s, 5-7s, 3-8s and 2-9s

- 2-4 players


1. Choose a target number between 5-10. If less than 10, remove all cards above the target number (including target number). For example, Bear Facts 6 would use all cards 1-5; Bear Facts 8 would use all cards 1-7, etc.

2. Shuffle deck, place it face down in the middle of the playing area, and turn over 4 cards. Decide who is going to go first, second, etc.

3. The first player begins by drawing a card from the deck and placing it face up beside the other cards.

4. If the first player sees any cards that add up to the target number, he or she says the target number and takes those cards. For example, if the target number is 5, a player could take any of the following groups: 1 and 4; 3 and 2; 1, 1, 1, and 2; etc.

If the first player doesn't see any cards that will make the target number, then he or she says pass. Then the first players' turn is done.

5. Each player follows in turn until the draw pile is gone.

6. Before each player takes his or her turn, there should always be four cards facing up. If not, turn over 4 cards before the next player takes their turn.

7. As the game progresses, there may be more than 4 cards facing up in the playing area. This will depend on how many cards are taken at each turn.

The game ends when all the cards are face up, and no more combinations can be made.

8. The player with the most cards when the deck is gone is the winner!
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