The Aztec Empire...

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What weapons were used for Aztec battles?

the aztec empire used certain weapons such as; maquihauital, clubs, spears, lances, altals, bows and slings.


the maqh- whatever was an ancient sword used by the aztec empire.

The maquahuitls were incredibly strong, and the Spanish claimed they could chop the head off a horse with one blow. They were sharp and the Aztecs knew how to use them. They could not thrust like a sword, and so they lent themselves to a different type of warfare.


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The maquahuitl could be used as a club, but other types of clubs were used. The cuauhololli was a mace made of wood with a ball at the end. It could be used to smash and crush. Various other types of clubs were commonly used, sometimes just made of wood, other times with embedded stone as the maquahuitl.


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Another common ancient Aztec weapon was the spear. They were extremely sharp, and sometimes over 7 feet long. They didn't have a small point as many spears you may be familiar with, but a blade a foot wide made of smaller stone blades. Theses spears were known to pierce the Spanish armour, and were sharp enough that the warriors could use them to shave. They are called tepoztopilli. Spears were used in Mexico long before the Aztec empire.


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An atlatl is essentially a stick with a handle on one end and a hook or socket that engages a light spear or "dart" on the other. The flipping motion of the atlatl propels a light spear much faster and farther than it could be thrown by hand alone.

bow / arrow

they seriously didn't have crossbows?!

the bow is basically a curved stick with a string OR Bows, known as tlahuitolli, were common as well. The bows were 5 feet long, and the arrows (yaomime) were pointed with flint, bone or obsidian, and kept in a quiver (mixiquipilli). As with all their weapons, the Aztecs were very skilled in using the bow and arrow. It is believed that the arrows could fly 450 feet or more.


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probably the greatest aztec weapon ever.

Another devastating ancient Aztec weapon, the sling was made with fibers from the maguey plant (latin agave americana). The slings (tematlatl) were used to send stones flying toward the enemy. They were thrown so powerfully and accurately, that they could do significant damage to a soldier in full metal armour.

The Aztec warrior didn't just pick up stones on the battlefield - they would be prepared ahead of time, carefully shaped. It is believed that the stones could be thrown farther than the arrows could be shot - perhaps over 650 feet.

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