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What is a stagecoach?

A stagecoach is a four wheeled, typically very sturdy, horse drawn coach designed for use in long journeys. Stagecoaches were classically pulled by four or more horses, allowing them to carry a heavy load of passengers or cargo.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Safer than traveling alone - advantage.
  • Sturdy, roomy, and comfortable- advantage.
  • Average speed was only eight miles an hour- advantage.
  • The one stuck in the middle had the worst time because they had no back support and had to hang onto leather straps that hung from the ceiling.- disadvantage.
  • During the Civil War, stagecoaches provided regular transportation and communication between St.Louis, Missouri in the east, San Francisco, and California in the west- advantage.
  • It was hard to travel upstream- disadvantage.
  • Because a stagecoach was top-heavy and couldn't move very fast, it was a target for anyone who wanted to attack.- disadvantage.


The use of stagecoaches began in Europe around the 1600s and persisted in the United states in the 1800s. Many people associate the stagecoach with the American west, but in fact various forms of the stagecoach were in use all over the world, from Asia to South America. Stagecoaches were named for the 'stage' or rest of stops built into their journeys.


John Darlwin invented the stagecoach on September 21 1763.
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How did it impact North Dakota/ Importance to ND

The stagecoach was important to North Dakota because it was helpful for getting goods and mail to one place quicker and easier. It helped everybody get around to see loved ones or friends or family.


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