Multiflora Rose

By: Mia,and Cora

What is happening with your organism in colorado? What is the problem? Why is this happening ?

The plant is taking over public places.It looks harmless but it is not the kind of plant that plays around.It will kill all sorts of plants that try to grow near it.This plant has spikes too protect itself.If it seen on a farm animals will almost always stay away from it.The Multi-Flora Rose is very decorative but it could take over your backyard in less than an instant.The problem is that the rose is very poisonuss and kills other plants.

What are the effects on the ecosystem?

The Multi-Flora Rose prevents light from shining through the surface.This causes small shrubs not to grow.They also affect park trails being blocked,farms having fewer crops to the rose taking the nutrients and pastures being taken over preventing cattle to graze.The rose also causes fire hazards with the shrub like plants it kills and it makes them into kindle and waiting fire.

Impacts on the climate change-How the situation is impacting climate change? OR -How climate change is impacting your organism/situation?

The rose does indeed contribute to climate change because it stops other plants from growing into the strong plants we need.It uses carbon dioxide like all the other plants in the world but it is territorial.The plant fertilizes the soil,but does not let other plants grow in that soil unless it isn’t within the soil itself.The only way to plant vegetables or other plants is to get rid of the rose.

Why is it happening in that specific location?How did it get there?

The rose is scattered all over the United States.It is not present in the Rocky Moutains,the deserts of California and Nevada, and the southeastern coastal plains.This rose was brought to the United States from Japan as decortive rose in 1886.It’s in Colorado because it has open fields,woods,praires,stream banks, and roadsides.

What is currently being done to address the issue?

What is currently being done to address this issue is to mow your lawn.It’s more effective when you mow your lawn three to six times in growing season,if you repeat this for four years.But it is more effective if you cut the stumps later in the growing season.

Visuals (pictures,videos ,graphics,data tables ,graphs,etc.)-You must include at least one data table,graph,or chart and analyze it -also include at least one picture or graphic of the organism.

The carbon cycle is the circulation and transformation of carbon back and forth between living things and the environment.

Content- What is the link between the climate change and your topic?

The link between them is that the rose stops other plants growing which affects climate change because without the plants growing,photosynthesis will cease to exist.Photosynthesis will cease to exist because photosynthesis is the process of plants being combined with water,and carbon dioxide which releases oxygen.So if photosynthesis ceases to exist it will effect climate change because without oxygen we can not survive.

What is the link between the photosynthesis and cellular respiration and your topic?

The Flora Rose uses carbon dioxide,water and light energy to make sugar and oxygen.The rose uses cellular respiration by using sugar and oxygen to make carbon dioxide water , and energy.

What effect does climate change have on the carbon cycle?

The Carbon is unaffected by the MultiFlora Rose.Like any plant the rose breathes in CO2,and releases oxygen,but the plants it kills can start fires which releases CO2.

How are Climate Change, Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration affected by or involved with Multi-Flora Rose in Colorado?

The Multi-Flora Rose in CO2 but it also kills everything that lives underneath it.It takes green house gases but also killes other plants.The rose is killing helpful plants to the environment.This relates to CO2 released into the air when those plants are killed.