The Kings Manor Media Minute

September 22, 2014

Locking the Chromebook Screen

Safety Precaution for Your Students' Chromebooks

When stepping away from their Chromebooks, make sure your students lock their screens so no one can mess with their account. They may either click the lock icon in the status area or briefly press the power button (for 400 milliseconds, to be exact!) until they see the sign-in box with their icon appear. For added security, they can also set their Chromebook to require a password for their account when waking up from sleep.

  • If they haven't already, students should sign in to their Chromebook.
  • Click the status area in the lower-right corner, where their account picture appears.
  • Select Settings and find the "Users" section.
  • Use the "Require password to wake from sleep" checkbox to adjust this setting.

They can also put their Chromebook to sleep by closing the lid. If they're not signed in, the Chromebook turns off. The screen also automatically turns off when it's been inactive for a period of time (8 minutes if the Chromebook is connected to a power source, 6 minutes if it's not). Just press any key to wake it up.


  • Please make sure you turn your projector and document cameras off when you are not using them.
  • Don't forget to add new students to the Password Document that I shared with you in DRIVE and reset their passwords in Password Reset.
  • Please make sure you are not putting copyrighted information, usernames, or passwords on your website.
  • Elementary students can NEVER take their Chromebooks home.


Periodically, Chrome will roll-out an update. Unfortunately, these updates come in waves, which means that everyone doesn't get the update at the same time. One of the most recent updates occurred when Google Drive updated from Old Google Drive to The New Google Drive. Watch the video below to learn how to manually switch between the two Drives. It would be very helpful if all our students and teachers are working in The New Drive.
Screencast 6


The #SWAGS are the members of Kings Manor's Google-icious Chromebook Club. The #SWAGS meet every Friday to play and learn with Google. This week, the #SWAGS have been busy completing online challenges to become Master Builders in Build with Chrome. Build with Chrome is the largest LEGO® set the world has ever seen. Developed with the latest web technology in Chrome, Build is a place for students to imagine, create, and explore building with LEGO bricks online.