Financial Clerk

Kate Angelelli

Job description

  • Keeping and updating financial records
  • Compute bills and charges
  • Differs customers assistance
  • Carry out financial transactions
  • Financial clerks so administrative work for many differernt types of organizations.
  • One of the orginizations is a Procurement clerk. A Procurement Clerk does is they compile requests for materials prepare purchase orders keeping track of the purchases. They handle request to change or to cancel orders. They make sure the purchases arrive on schedule and meets the costumers.

Education, training, and other qualifications

Education: Financial clerks typically need a high school diploma or equivalent to enter the occupation. Employers of brokeage clerks may prefer candidate who have taken some college courses in business or economics,and some classes require a 2 to 4 year college.

Training: Some formal technical traning also be nessary. They learn how to do there job duties through on-the-job training.

Imporant Qualites:

Communcation skills- Should have good comunication skills so that theycan expain policies and procedures.

Math skills- the job duties of a financial clerk, including caluating charges and checking credit scores require basic math skills.

Organization skills- They must be able to find files quickly and effiently


The pay in 2012 was 38,220 for a procurement clerk

Job Outlook

Empolyment of procurment clerks is projected to show little or no change. The need for producement clerks will be limited because of the place orders which means that fewer procurment clerks are required to handle the same amount of orders.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • its a good salary
  • working with numbers
  • will be limited to how much they can handle


  • working 40 hours a week