Ebola Outbreak

Sophie Pfarrer, Kelli Hinton

Recent Update

Good News! The Ebola virus is said to be cured with the HIV drug, lamivudine, since Ebola and HIV start the same way in the body why not cure it the same way?

Signs and Prevention

Don't be scared of the virus, we have some preventions and signs of it.




Muscle pain


Stomach pain




Careful hygiene

avoid contact with affected people

Avoid contact with bodily fluids

History of Ebola

First cases not recognized, so people who had it didn't go get treated so more people got sick. Fruit bats started the virus and they came in contact with the food and the humans of Africa.

Recent Questionaire

Q. What exactly is Ebola?

A.Ebola is a severe, infectious often-fatal disease in humans and nonhuman primates caused by infection with Ebola virus. It is very infectious, kills in a short time BUT can be prevented.

Q.How is it spread?

A.People can be exposed to Ebola virus from direct physical contact with body fluids like blood, saliva, stool, urine, sweat etc. of an infected person and soiled linen used by a patient.

Q.How can it be prevented?

  • A. Avoid direct contact with body fluids of a person suffering from Ebola or a deceased patient by wearing gloves, goggles, and masks
  • Persons suspected to be suffering from Ebola should be taken to the nearest health unit immediately for medical attention. Tracing and follow up of people who may have been exposed to Ebola through close contact with patients are essential.
  • Persons who have died of Ebola must be handled using strong protective wear and buried immediately;
  • Q.What is the incubation period?

    A. 2-21 days

    Q. Can Ebola be transmitted through the air?

    A. No, just by contact

    Hospital Procedure

    Most U.S. acute-care facilities that are equipped for emergency care (e.g., hospital-based emergency departments and other emergency care settings including urgent care clinics, and critical access hospitals) are in this tier.