Erasmo Seguin

By: Santiago E. and Taylor O.

Erasmo Seguin

His full name was Juan Jose Maria Erasmo Seguín. Was born in San Antonino May 25,1782. Was head postmaster of San Antonio. He helped draft the constitution of 1984. Erasmo helped Steven F. Austin pick his land for the first colony of American settlers to immigrate to Texas. Later he supported the Texas Revolution. providing political and material support. He died in Floresville, Texas on October 30th 1857.


He was a Mayor, Postmaster, Minister, Quartermaster, Political Delegate, and a Chief Justice.

He also was a settler. He knew how to settle because he had worked with Steven F. Austin the founder of Texas. Erasmo decided to start settling because he already knew how to settle and find good land. He was also a trusted agent for of governor Martinez. He settled in Texas in 1835. He came because he joined the army to fight in the Alamo. Later on he fled back to Mexico with his family.

Success and location

He had did okay but he had ended up going back to Mexico so I would say it wasn't much of success. The location wasn't that great but it wasn't that dry. It was right by San Antonio.

what, when, and why he came to Texas.

He came to San Antonio at 1807 and became a post master. From December 1823 to September 1824 he worked in Mexico City to promote the interests of both native San Antonio and the Anglo-American settlers. He helped colonized Texas by bringing Mexican citizens to Texas. He helped Sam Houston at the battle of San Jacinto to defeat Santa Anna army. In October 1835 Gen, Martin Perfecto de Cos removed him from office and forced to move his ranch 30 miles east of San Antonio. He became a source of supply of beef cattle, horses, mules and corn to the Texas army