Warren Middle School

Elective/ sports

Band ๐ŸŽธ

Band is the perfect activity to join if your interested in any type of learning experience! You can express your talent playing an instrument while entertaining other people. Each thing you learn about your favorite instrument is like another exciting adventure. All of the following are extraordinary qualities if your joining band: you can learn different notes of a certain instruments, you can perform at different events and at different schools, and you can also compete. Even though that band is very expensive and it can take up a lot of your schedule, it can be a great learning experience and you may even find a new love for it!


This fascinating cheer association is a great sport or activity to be apart of during the year!

It's purpose is to show off your great abilities and show spirit to not only the school but to many different sports as we'll! More importantly, cheer is about having fun and spreading kindness and joy to others. All of the following are great qualities that are included with cheer: you can cheer at different events,compete in many competitions, and cheer helps you get out of your comfort zone. Even though cheer can be fun it can also become very difficult to maintain. Joining a cheer team can cost you lots of money. Uniforms, competitions, poms, and jackets are just a few examples of the expenses of the cost in cheer. Usually the cost for a normal cheer season is about nine-hundred dollars. However, joining cheer will give you a whole new experience that you may end up loving!

Musical theater ๐ŸŽฌ

The purpose of musical theater is singing, dancing, and acting while expressing and spreading your emotions to one another! Joining musical theater will get you out of your comfort zone. It can also help you stay more active during a daily schedule. A lot of the reasons kids want to join is so that they can be in the performances! However, Being in performances can cause lots of problems as well. when it comes to the spring, there's lot of after school practices for future performances and events! It can take lots of time and can possibly affect your schedule! Besides time management, you may end up falling in love with this elective that's full of joy and laughter!

Girls athletics ๐Ÿ†

Joining girls athletics can be very helpful when it comes to staying healthy! The purpose of girls athletics it to stay active and help you stay fit daily! Girls athletics can really help maintain your self-confidence and may even help with your momentum in the future! It can also affect your weight loss and may help you become stronger with other sports. Even though athletics can be helpful to your energy and can complete many goals, there are some very tough sides to joining. The coaches will push you way past your limit. It can be very hard to keep going when your tired and there going to yell and push you to do things that may or may not be in your comfort zone. There will be hard times; however in the end it will be something you won't regret!

Spanish ๐Ÿ““

Taking Spanish can be such a great experience! It's purpose is to learn a new language and learn how to communicate with other Spanish people and their culture. You can learn how to pronounce words in Spanish as well as learning the meaning of a certain word. There can be bad qualities, but there can also be some good qualities as well! Taking Spanish can help communicate with other Spanish people and may also interest you in taking other Spanish classes in the future! Learning the whole concept can be fun; nevertheless after a few weeks of taking such a big class, things can start to get a little complicated. Lots of times it can get very frustrating to keep up with each lesson if your not experienced with any type of Spanish! Besides that, taking Spanish and learning about a different culture may be a great learning experience!