by: Natasha Cuestas

1)Hollis' outlook on life

She has no family. But in the end, Hollis is happy to be a part of the Regan family. Quote: "I drew smiles on both of our faces. I am the fourth one in the picture, by the way, smiling just a bit." Page # 164

2) Hollis' feelings for josie

After Hollis has spend some time with Josie she has came to like her a lot. For example Hollis wanted to leave Josie once she had met her but after she had stayed for a while she began to like her. Quote: " Hollis," she says "You saved my life." Maybe she doesn't know why, but still she says it, and I always tell her it was the other way around." Page # 165

3) Where Hollis lives

In the end of the story Hollis eventually lives with the Regan family. Even though before she used to live with Josie. But the reason she is living with the Regan's is because she missed them so much that she came back home and finally had a family. Quote: " I have a new last name now. It's Regan." Page # 165

4) Hollis' feelings about the Mustard women

Towards the end of the story Hollis begins to like the Mustard women. An example from the book that would support this statement is when Hollis says that she smiles at the Mustard lady. But these are the exact words she said... Quote: " I have to say, too, I even smile back at them once in a while." Page # 166

5) Who Hollis' misses

Hollis used to miss the Regans but now that she lives with the Regans again she finally doesn't miss them anymore. Now all she can miss is being with Josie. But she is not to sad about leaving Josie because now she has a family. The evidence for this statement is this Quote: " I know I have been thinking of Josie, thinking of running here with her a year and a half ago. If I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have this picture, I wouldn't have any of it. I'd still be running." Page # 164

6) How many people are in Hollis' family

In the end of the book the thing that changes the most is probably the amount of people in Hollis' family. Because first she was a two person family but now she has five people in her family. Quote: " So there's five of us now: a mother, a father, a brother, and two sisters. A family." Page # 166

7) Hollis' feelings

In the very last chapter Hollis' feelings changed completely because now she felt apart of a family. Hollis was finally happy. But the reason she feels happy is because she finally is apart of a family. Quote: " So there's five of us now: a mother, a father, a brother, and two sisters. A family." Page # 166