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Dear Parents,

I cannot tell you how excited and delighted I am to be teaching your pride and joy this year!

My name is Sarah Sandoval and I recently graduated from the University of Houston. After graduating High school, I worked as a teacher’s aide for Kindergarten and Pre-K in the Goose Creek Independent School District. This is where I discovered my passion for teaching and being a part of developing tomorrow’s leaders. I am especially excited to be teaching Pre-K, because for most of your children it is the start of their academic career. This year, not only do we witness advances in their academic understanding, but also see their beginning in understanding the world around them! With your help, I cannot wait to see what your child accomplishes throughout the year. Together, we will ensure your children achieve great things!

- Ms. Sandoval

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Classroom Rules

In class this week the students and I decided to brainstorm ideas for classroom rules . By having their help in creating the classroom rules, it gives each student a sense of power and place the classroom. It is important for them to feel like they contribute and have purpose in their environment. Below is an example of some rules the students came up.
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Friday March 20th is the 50th Day of school!!

WOW! Can you believe we have already been in school for 50 days!

The Elementary will be having a 50th day of school parade/ pep rally at 1pm. All students throughout the Elementary are encouraged to dress in their 1950's attire this day!

Parents are also invited to attend the parade/pep rally. I can't wait to see all my students in their 50's attire and hope to see you there as well!

- Ms. Sandoval

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Measurment Unit

Next week we will begin a new Math unit that focuses on measurement

Students will be able to:

  • Begin to develop an understanding of attributes by looking at, touching, or directly comparing objects.

  • Determine who has more by looking at the size of piles of objects or identify which of two objects is heavier by picking them up

  • Can compare objects ( like shoes, placing them side by side, to check which is longer.

In school, students continue to learn about attributes as they describe objects, compare them, and order them by different attributes. Seeing order relationships, such as that the soccer ball is bigger than the baseball but smaller than the beach ball, is important in developing measurement concepts.

Parents should help students recognize attributes through their conversations. For example, "That is a deep hole." Or "Let's put the toys in the large box."

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Need to meet with the teacher?

I am available for conferences Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 2:30pm - 6:00pm weekly. I understand there might be conflicts with those hours, depending on difference circumstances. If so, I am flexible and will be happy to work out a time that best fits your schedule. Below I have listed my contact information should you need to reach me for any reason.


Harper Elementary: 832.420-1982 ext 121

Personal phone: 713-282-1989

- Ms. Sandoval

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