Power Supply

All About The Power Supply By Sarah Howarth 9M

What Is A Power Supply?

A Power Supply is also known as a PSU. It is the part that supplies power to your computer. It supplies power to the motherboard and drives. Power supplies have at least one fan to cool the computer down.

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How to choose a power supply

This is the Efficiency rating. The higher up they are the more efficient they are. So 80 plus Platinum is very efficient, where as 80 plus is not as efficient
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how much to pay for a power supply and what is the difference between them?

you can spend from £10 to £340.

Why is the £340 one a lot more expensive?

  • Silent operation
  • digitally controlled power
  • 1500 Watts of reliable, continuous power for high-performance
  • looks better

Whats good about the £10 one?

  • It's cheap
  • Delivering up to 19 Amps

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PC Basics: What Is a Computer Power Supply?

What is inside?

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What's the power supply connected to?

The power supply is connected to the hard drive, motherboard, floppy disk, fans, optical disk, CD DVD's. It's connected to most things in the computer.